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Hydroshield Rod and Reel Protection spray 200ml

Hydroshield Rod and Reel Protection spray 200ml

HydroShield - Protect Your expensive Gear from the harsh salt water environment!

✔️Easy to apply

✔️Protects your gear from salt water

✔️Provides UV protection to stop fading

✔️Safe on mono and braid

✔️Will not strip oil or grease from reel

HydroShield is a hydrophobic protectant spray designed to prevent corrosive saltwater from sticking to your rods and reels it works by creating a water-repellent barrier on your gear, reducing salt/water ingress, helping prevent corrosion in your reels and rust on your rods.

Simply spray HydroShield onto a microfibre cloth, use it to wipe down your gear, then watch as water beads off. Easy as!

HydroShield lasts 30 days, but the more you reapply and layer it, the better it gets! We recommend giving your gear a quick top up once it's been cleaned and dried after a trip.