BroSki NZ

Salty Captain's Engine Flusher

Recommended for Outboard and Jetski engine flushes, and most Inboard flushes. Constructed with a control valve, this lets you adjust how much water enters the flusher to push the Sallty Wash through your engine.
TO FLUSH ENGINE: put 30-60mls (Measurement guide on flusher)
Salty Wash through your engine is made easy
Automatically mixes and dispenses Salty Wash at the desired ratio.
For engine flushing simply connect mixer to flush muffs or flush port and follow our easy flushing instructions.
Compatible with normal garden hose fittings.
Easy to Follow instructions

Fill with Salty Wash 30-60ml.
Have valve in off position.
Simply quick connect a spray nozzle to our flusher.
Connect the other end to either muffs or flush inlet.
Turn the tap on to allow water flow. Then simply turn the valve of our flusher to allow your desired amount of water in.
Sit back relax.